Protoulis Olive Oil


From branding, logo design, to names, packaging, website, corporate video scenario and printed communication, the Protoulis family from the beloved island of Lesvos, gave us the opportunity to work once more on one of the most recognizable products of Greece, the olive oil.

Our brand “Protoleo” was honored with the third prize at the Japan Olive Oil Prize (Joop) International Design Awards 2021.

Branding Packaging Website

Three brothers, three sons, three olive oil clay jars.


Α unique packaging for the distinguished, limited production PROTOLEO olive oil.

The AEGAEA premium range is minimal, colorless, to demonstrate the simplicity of perfection. The island’s horizon can be also viewed as an olive tree leaf.


In the website we wanted to capture the spirit of the island. The wildness of the landscape. The uniqueness of the Lesbian olive groves.



PAD Maravelakis Y. Minogianni T.