We think

Ambigram [meaning]: a word or a phrase that
can be read in more than one way or from more than a single vantage point. ambi= both + gram= letter

It represents our willingness to be open to different aspects and see things from various points of view.

Ambigram’s first project was in 2007

It was our own corporate identity, which was honored with a Gold Award in the GRAPHIS International Graphic Design Awards in the USA.

Since then we have been dealing with various industries, companies and products offering our ideas, services and know-how to enhance their business potential.

Our methodology has been proven efficient, to the point.

We work closely with our clients in order to get into their shoes.
We research the market.
We evaluate competitiveness.
We come up with strategic propositions that are feasible, in accordance with the client’s company DNA.

Our associates are all acknowledged professionals in their field of work.

Leoni Sion

Leoni undertakes the strategic part. She connects the dots between the client and the goal; she is result oriented, determined, and highly skilled in project management.

She is an MBA graduate from the European University in Brussels and, before creating Ambigram, she has been working for more than 10 years as head of marketing departments.

“The challenging part is that I am working for a vast variety of industries and products, undertaking the responsibility to find solutions in many complex projects. Nothing can be more exciting than a brand you have created to become successful in the market.”
Leoni Sion
AWARD Gold Award GRAPHIS International Graphic Design Awards, USA
CLIENT Ambigram
BRAND Logo Ambigram
AWARD 3rd Prize JOOP Japan Olive Oil Prize International Design Awards
CLIENT Protoulis
BRAND Protoleo packaging
AWARD Silver Award Pentawards
BRAND Maleas Packaging
AWARD Gold Award Los Angeles International EVOO Packaging competition
BRAND Maleas Packaging