Winecore Consortium


16 Cypriot Wineries take the initiative and create a Consortium in order to showcase the vineyard of Cyprus. Based on common ground and having a common vision, their goal is to safeguard and promote the values and the competitive advantages of Cypriot wine.

Τhe assignment of the branding strategy of this venture to our team, has honored us with the opportunity to contribute to the imprint of Cyprus on the world wine map.



The branding strategy we proposed was based on what we considered to be the strongest competitive advantage of the Cypriot vineyard: the own-rooted vines of the indigenous varieties. This is the core of the DNA of Cypriot wines, the common ground of the philosophy of the Consortium members.


We wanted the visual identity to be strong, unique and reveal all the characteristics of the brand name, plus the concept of cooperation.

One grape into another, with a centre core, creates a contemporary, dynamic, almost moving image.


The common brand had to be captured on the bottles of all different wines of the members of the Consortium without dominating over each Winery’s and each wine’s personality.


T. Minogianni
 Red Creative